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About Moving Vision

Established in 1985 by John Lubran, Moving Vision has produced, co-produced or enabled over fifty broadcast programmes for UK and international television and a great many productions for a great many organisations around the world, some of which are referenced on this website.

The company is very much an independent producer but has also been designed to be honourably and legitimately exploited by its partners and collaborators, a model that’s at the heart of much of our work. Our associates include other small and medium sized companies with whom we share people, resources and productions. This collaborative model allows us a considerable degree of freedom from overbearing administrative burdens and huge flexibility with how we design operational and business structures to suit the unique requirements of projects, partners and clients.

We very much enjoy producing films for our commercial clients who provide us with a rich diversity of experiences and take us to so many places around the world; clearly they like what we do and the way we work. Without our commercial clients we would not be able to provide the high production values we also provide for community and charity projects. Always though, we have an eye on our most aspirational projects, some of which actually come off and some of which actually make money too! These aspirational projects are nearly always feature films or documentaries.

John Lubran (Founding Producer Director)


Sir John Venables-Llewelyn
Emma Birkmyer
Luke Wallich-Clifford

Our Associate organisations include;

Aether Media Group

The Film Portrait Company

Gadget Productions

Landed Festival

Morgan-Lubran Company

Three Hills

Moving vision, Film & Television Production abroad

Preparing for an aerial shoot in West Africa.


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