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Since 1985 Moving Vision has been solely, primarily or significantly responsible for a great many productions. Our working model is and always has been about collaborations. The following sample clips are from productions produced or co-produced by us. The examples here were filmed and/or post produced in house.

2010 Onwards

Francis Machin – with The Film Portrait Company

Cyclecar – Festival of Slowth

Holding Steady – with The Film Portrait Company

Neal Brothers - corporate

2000 to 2009

Fishing Adventures

That Roads May Rise

Centre for Alternative Technology with Michael Palin

Rally School – with Dave Beauchamp

Planning for Climate Change - for the Welsh Government

Fresh Hope Clean Water - Joint Winner London Chilli Film Festival

Alsalam – with Aether Media – corporate information

1990’s to 2000

Cycling through the ages – for the Welsh National Cycle Museum

Deadline 2000 Water - with Footprint Films for Channel 4

Deadline 2000 People - with Footprint Films for Channel 4

Trucking USA – polish

Memcor Winner of United Nations ‘Promoting Good Practice’ award Istanbul, Habitat 2 Conference.

Sahara - commercial


Francis Fuster - Ninkiribi in Ghana - Polygram

Same Seed

MV Sting

Kingdom of the Asante

The General and the Scientist – with Footprint Films for BBC


Living Rainforests – written by Anna Culwick Nominated by The Times Educational Supplement

LUltraflight – corporate documentary


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