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Our edit suites are based on powerful non-linear editors and a multi format VCR array that includes archive video formats
(Beta SP, DVCAM, DV, Video 8, Hi8, Umatic SP & VHS).

The full suite is available for either off-line or on line use. A rostrum camera and lighting is available at nominal cost.

With master editor – from £350 per day

With junior editor – from £250 per day

Discounts worth £50 per day begin on the fourth and subsequent days of editing

The studio is based within the wild and woolly hills of Mid Wales in a comfortable secluded barn conversion providing dedicated suites, shooting, production and green room spaces. Access is ‘interesting’, by car or public transport and there’s plenty of room for parking. For those arriving by train we provide a car service. A kitchen with snacks and light refreshments is always on hand. A range of local accommodation from superb farm house B&B’s, through country inns to exclusive hotels can make post production at Moving Vision an especially lovely experience, free from city pollution and distractions.


All camera packages include this support kit:

* SQN sound mixer
* Short shotgun mic
* Boom
* Radio mic
* Sony A1 HDV Camera
* 2 x tripods
* Sony grade 2 9″ AC/DC monitor
* Redheads, 12 volt camera light, reflectors &       gels
* Volvo Estate Car with Sat Nav and RAC Recovery
* DCT 7 DAT Walkman kit
* Cinekinetic Saddlecam (for awkward camera positions and vehicle mounting)
* Useful additional support items also included.

Optional extras:
* HVR-Z1 available at half price with any other type of camera.
* Cinekinetic flatbed dolly £20 per day or £80 per week
* Aluminium scaffold bridge kit for tracking over extreme surfaces £25 per day, £100 per week (Requires additional vehicle and crew)
* Smooth Surface Wheelchair £10 per day or £40 per week.
* A range of additional equipment, vans, trailers, caravans and other vehicles.
* Substantial Geodesic Domes, Marquees, field kitchens from our associate company, Gadget Productions and a range of logistical support facilities available from our own inventory.
* What we don’t have in-house can be sourced at cost.



Our Camera Crew rates are competitive enough, but we go that extra ‘mile’ by including everything listed in the support kit below. The second HDV camcorder kit and extensive support equipment inventory make this package hard to beat. Our pro-active crews are time served broadcast professionals able to maximise the creative aspirations and resources available to a production. Within reason we’re not pedantic about the length of a day.

Crew rates without equipment

* Cameraman: from £200 per day.

* Sound Recordist: from £200 per day.

* Grip/Assistant: from £100 per day.

Camera Options with full supporting kit specified below


£100 per day £400 per week

PVW-200 XDCAM (Meets EBU HD Broadcast Specs – 4.2.2 – 50mbs £200 per day £800 per week

S16, 35mm, 2/3” XDCAM, Digital Betacam, HDCAM available through our preferred rental houses



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